Procedure & Process Documentation, Project Management, Online Learning, Change Management

How We Help

Process & Procedure Documentation

Why Document Your Processes & Procedures?

There are many reasons to create documentation, but these are the very foundation. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  •  Regulatory Requirements – regulations, quality standards, laws require written documents
  • Financial Event or Commitment – new software purchase or upgrade
  • Cataclysmic Event – key employee leaves or retires
  • Improvement Initiatives – Lean or process improvement projects
  • Impending Event – merger, company reorganization
  • Employee Retention & Engagement – employee training
procedure documentation

If you need assistance with any level of procedure documentation, we are here to help whether’s its working with your employees to learn the best way to document the process or to actually do it for you. 

project management cycle

Project Management

Almost every organization faces problems that require some level of project management to resolve. Sometimes the problem-solving effort is formalized into a well-defined project. Most often, however, problem-solving is more flexible and informal.

We provide project management support, whether it’s a one-time project or helping your staff manage a bigger project.

Online & Micro Learning

Online learning has become the norm for many organizations. Your employees expect to receive training when they need it in a format that works for them.

Micro learning provides training in small chunks that are available on any device, at any time.

We help business develop and implement training programs that are effective and meet the needs of today’s learners.

online learning

Change Management

Change is inevitable. Managing the change in an organization means supporting those who find themselves uncomfortable with change. Learning how to go from what you know and are comfortable with to the new reality. Not everyone makes the change easily. It takes commitment from management to support and provide the resources your staff needs to go from “impossible” to “possible.”

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Documentation

Are you ready to weather a business disruption due to severe weather, pandemic, or man-made disaster? Most companies do not have a written plan in place and must respond to a business crisis as it happens. 

Being prepared means taking the time to think through potential disasters and come up with plans before they are needed.

We work with your staff to create business continuity plans that work for your business.

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